Monday, August 16, 2010

4.12.08: HOME!

We brought you home today! We were so surprised that they let you come home today. They had given us the impression it would still be a couple of days, I guess they didn't want to get our hopes up! They took out the NG tube this morning right before your hospital pictures and then we put you in the car seat and brought you home! Grammy and Grandfather brought Ethan up to the hospital so he could be a part of it. We wanted to ride home as a family and bring you home with both boys in the car. This is the first time we have seen you without something taped to your face, it is so great! Putting you in the car seat and in the car was surreal. It felt like this day would never come. I am a little scared, but I know God is watching over us and we will be strong for you! I have never welcomed sleepless nights quite so much. I am so glad to have you next to me. We are working on getting you to nurse more.

Before we left....

At home:

Precious baby, asleep at home. All is right with the world.

You always sleep in this position, it is so funny! Your daddy does the same thing when he relaxes.

Aunt Katie waited so long to see you and she finally got to meet you!

Kinsley meeting you for the first time! She was so excited to hold you.

Ethan Holds "his baby" every chance he gets!

A few weeks later we had a welcome home party so everyone who had been praying for you could meet our precious miracle!

We love you Aiden Joseph Hand and we are so glad to have you home where you belong.

4.11.08 - rooming in

Mommy and daddy are spending the night tonight at the hospital with you to "room in". This allows us to show them that we can care for you and take you home! If you do well then they take out the NG tube and possibly let you come home this weekend. You have been doing great with the bottles every since we started them back and you nurse like a champ every time. It is like it finally just clicked and you are eating great. It is amazing having you all to ourselves in this room and not asking anyone permission. In order to pass the rooming in you have to gain weight overnight. We have to make sure you eat enough every feed. We are setting an alarm and getting up every 3 hrs to feed you. we are going to use bottles tonight so we know exactly how much you ate. It is hard work because when you are sleepy it is hard to get you to eat. We are praying hard that we are only a few days away from home!

4.6.08 and 4.7.08

You ate really well today; nursed for 30 mins! Hopefully you will continue that every time now! Daddy came up and held you for a long time this morning. we are hoping you are home soon! You are doing well off your oxygen and you only have a rare brady or desat.

Today they took you off your continuous feeds at put you on 40 cc's every 3 hrs. We are starting you on bottles along with the breastfeeding and the goal is to feed you by mouth every other feed and then NG every other feed. I hope it works!!

4.4.08 and 4.5.08

You are 4 lb 6 oz today! Way to go little man! You also are off your oxygen. We are so excited to see you off the oxygen and we are praying hard it stays that way. Seeing your beautiful face is so great. Grandma, Grammy and mommy all came to see you today. It was mommy's first day back at work but I got off at 3 and came to see you. Today was also Ethan's first day with a nanny. They all got along fine and Ethan seemed to do well! I thought about you both all day. It is hard to be away from my boys. You are doing so good precious boy!


Good morning! I am here this morning to feed you and snuggle you. You are still off your oxygen and doing great!

4.2.08 and 4.3.08

You are a "feeder and grower" now! They moved you to the intermediate nursery last night after your bath. They took you off your caffeine and lowered your oxygen. They say it may only be 2 weeks before you come home! They hope to get you off oxygen soon. We have to get you off the continuous feeds and get you to take a bottle too! Daddy and I have been putting up the swing and bassinet and washing clothes and blankets. We are ready!

They put you on prevacid today to help the reflux and hopefully get you off the continuous feeds! We are praying that this does the trick!

3.31.08 and 4.1.08

4 lb 2 oz today, good job. You are nursing everyday now and starting to get the hang of it. I come for at least one feeding a day. Grammy, Grandfather, Mommy, Daddy and Grandma all came to see you today! It is so great to have the family up here, they are going to be a big part of your life and they love you so much.

Grana bought you this outfit from gymboree.....too cute!

Mommy is hanging with you today and daddy is at the firestation. You are having a good day. You ate well and they are talking about moving you to the intermediate nursery tomorrow. That is great! One step closer to the door.


Well, after Grana heard that the grandmas' got to hold you, she decided she better get to today! Don't worry, when you get home, you will never get put down : ) It was great. Mommy and Daddy and Grana all came up today and Grana got to hold you.

We are all excited to see you growing and maturing. They went up to 11 cc's on your continuous feeds today. Hopefully you will keep gaining weight. It is so nice to hold you whenever we want so daddy and I don't have to keep tabs on who's turn it is, now we can share : )